Come on Sherlock!, workout man!

Well, well, well..

Sherlock is finally out and summer is already here (for some people, was already here)..

Watching Sherlock and trying this workout ya’ all!




Oh!, MOND(i)A(eu)Y!

Καινούρια βδομάδα, ανασυγκρότηση, βαθιά ανάσα και “βουρ στον πατσά”!

Περπατήστε, κάντε γιόγκες, διαγωνισμό καλύτερης σαλάτας και τάρτας φρούτου!

Πι ες: Υπομονή μέχρι την Παρασκευή.


A new week appears, so get yourself together, take a deep breath anddd… “Goooo”!

Just take a few walks, do some yoga, maybe a competition for the best salad eva’ and a fruit tart!

PS: Just hang on till Friday.