A Yogi-started (Good)morning.

Yoga (for some people) is a many-years trend, but it definetely can benefit your body and mind (even if this sound to your ears like an annoying commercial)! Yoga does not mean stretching your foot behind your neck and tickling your ears with the big toes (although for the very advanced yogiez it’s a piece of cake), but doing a routine of basic poses that can brighten your body and day! (It is gif-fed for you in the end of the article)

Despite the colourful mats and comfortable yoga pants, the once-akward moment for you in making weird”om” sounds and unprecedented breathing – like a star wars – dark side – hero (as we were instructed to do so), has now been turned into a magic routine that only you and your yoga mates can feel the vibes from.

You go out of the class, happy and sleepy, while you keep on spreading everywhere zen-ions into the atmosphere! That sure makes you feel right!

That happens because yoga can do these little things:

  • Increases Metabolism
  • Helps Digestion
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Relaxes Body & Mind (I call it zenification)
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Improves Insomnia
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves posture (you can walk like a proud peacock now)

And many other stuff that level you up!

So, here is a morning routine for everybody.. (CHECK below)

(Found this on fcbook page: Soul Science)

Namaste & om om ommmm.


Easter(-y) facts.

Συνήθως κανείς δεν αναρωτιέται για το πόσο “γλυκά” είναι τα πασχαλινά αυγά & κουνέλια που δωρίζονται σε κάθε βαφτιστήρι. Ωραίο, μπάνικο συμπλήρωμα στο σετάκι που περιμένει κάθε παιδάκι από τον νονό/ά τους τέτοιες μέρες, αλλά καλό είναι να δούμε με ένα στόμα που χάσκει, το πόση ζάχαρη μπορεί να χωρέσει μέσα σε έναν κούνελο!