Christmas impact.


Χρόνια πολλά & πραγματικά καλή χρονιά (το 16 ακόμα μαστιγώνει αβέρτα!). Αφιερωμένο σε όσους τίμησαν τις γιορτές με ποτό, φαΐ & στην προσπάθεια που θα κάνουμε να επανέλθουμε μετά τις γιορτές! Χορέι!

Merry Christmas & hopefully the upcoming year (’16 still hits hard!). This one is dedicated to everyone that praised these days with drinks, food & cheers to the effort that we have to make so that we can return back to basics! Horray!

[For those that don’t speak greek.. “Let me download a movie for you, while I am trying to fit in my pants”]


Mele Kalikimaka people!

This is not a nutrition bla bla thing. It’s dedicated to the upcoming days.

So, if you are a christmas fan and you love all the lighting and klingi klingi atmosphere (klingi due to the musical instruments in songs), just put your best christmas songs on, your cozy slippers and bake some cookies – to spread awesome smelling all over the house and get into the spirit!

Warm hugs, big smiles and positive attitude will make you feel really good. Also, it is advised to sing along the christmas songs, dance and drink!

Merry kalikimaka people and hope these days will gift you all that is missed the whole other period.